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  1. Through your eloquent words and photos, I want to visit Seoul now! I love that you were able to experience this city for such a lovely expanse of time, make new friends, and truly experience the culture.
    Being a rural girl, the only experience I have with public transport is in Melbourne, Australia, when I visited two years ago. It was a treasured experience, as is all travel when you immerse yourself in the heartbeat of a new place.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on a place you miss and love!

  2. I’ll be honest, Korea was never on my bucket list, but after reading this post I think it definitely needs to be! This was a lovely post to read!

  3. I would love to visit Seoul. I obtained my TEFL certificate late last year, so was thinking of using that to find employment in either Japan or South Korea, but you make Seoul sound so special and brilliant I want to visit myself! It’s sounds incredible, and it’s especially interesting to hear your perspective compared to the US

    1. Both Japan and South Korea offer some great programs to teach. Personally, I found that the program in South Korea had more perks such as included housing up to I believe it was 750,000 won at the time. Either way you will enjoy your experience abroad!

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