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3 Instagram Worthy Spots in Salem, MA

3 Instagram Worthy Spots in Salem, MA - Simply Nel Belle Blog - Learn where to go to get some amazing shots for your Instagram feed.
3 Instagram Worthy Spots in Salem, MA - Simply Nel Belle Blog - Learn where to go to get some amazing shots for your Instagram feed.

Looking for Instagram worthy spots in Salem, MA?

This summer I am petsitting in the Boston area. I decided to hop on the train to seek out 3 Instagram worthy spots in Salem, MA. This charming town has been my favorite ever since I watched Hocus Pocus as a child. I love Halloween as much as I love history, so I had to share my recent visit with you.

Most first time visitors stick to the usual tourist locations such as the House of Seven Gables, The Friendship of Salem, or The Witch House. Yet, when I visit new places, I tend to enjoy going off beaten path or in Salem’s case, slightly off the red painted line. I’ll give it to Salem, they have perfected their tourism. It’s pretty difficult to get lost in this town when all you have to do is follow the sidewalk.

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3 Instagram Worthy Spots in Salem, MA

1. Old Town Hall

You might recognize this building from the 1993 Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus. While many of the locations were filmed in various towns across New England, this is the building where they filmed the Halloween party scene. Derby Square stands out to me with it’s beautiful trees, lighting, and the surrounding red brick. This area is definitely instagram worthy and will make a good backdrop for pictures with your friends.

The front of the building has a busy seating area so I chose the back of the building facing the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall. It’s far more quiet. Be aware that if you visit in October it will be crowded towards mid-October due to Salem’s popular Haunted Happenings Festival.


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2. Derby Warf Light Station

If you follow the red painted line to the Salem Maritime Historical Site then you will see a small lighthouse at the end of the wharf. If you are lucky, The Friendship of Salem (large ship) may be docked near the lighthouse as well. I highly recommend walking all the way to the end of the wharf to take in the beautiful views of the coastline and the passing ships. This Instagram worthy spot offers you a wide range of options to fill your feed.


Derby Wharf Light Station

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3. Winter Island’s Wakiki Beach

This is my new favorite spot near Salem! Despite the fact that it’s a little out of the way and a small beach. You need to stop by if you visit Salem in fall or spring. I got the most gorgeous pictures of the blossoms and can only imagine what this area would look like in autumn when the leaves change colors.

If you have your walking shoes on, then you can walk to Winter Island from the Derby Wharf Light Station in about 25-30 minutes. The left side of the street has a sidewalk so you don’t have to walk on the road. By car or Uber/Lyft you can get there in less than 10 minutes. You can even get there by boat from Salem Harbor for $7.00, but you need to call for a pick-up at (617)-227-4321 or visit them at 10 Blaney St., Salem, MA 01970.

After you enter Winter Island Park and pass the booth, you will see a sign for Wakiki Beach on the left and it’s a very short walk to the beach. You will also see dirt pathways on your right and left. I highly recommend you explore these paths, because they both give you beautiful views of the blossoms and the surrounding coastline.


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Wrap Up

Many of us enjoy filling our Instagram feeds with aesthetically pleasing photos. I hope these 3 Instagram worthy spots in Salem will offer you some inspiration for your next instagram shoot. rab a friend or your selfie stick and venture to this charming town. After you are done taking pictures you can enjoy Salem’s rich history, museums, quaint restaurants, and many attractions. I know I had a wonderful day there and I hope you will experience the same!

Do you have a favorite instagram worthy spot?

Share in the comments.

3 Instagram Worthy Spots in Salem, MA - Wakiki Beach - Simply Nel Belle Blog
Wakiki Beach – Winter Island – Simply Nel Belle Blog

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