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Galentine’s Day Event: Bloggers Live Boston

Blogger Meetup:

Valentine’s day is here and what better way to celebrate than with your gal pals! I recently attended such an event thrown by Bloggers Live Boston at Viselli Salon.

The salon very generously set aside an evening to provide blowouts and other treats to the Bloggers Live Boston members. When I walked in the door I was given a robe and a glass of rosé. Followed by introductions to Christina who is an amazing lady boss and owner of Viselli Salon. Check out their team!

To get things started, they gave me an amazing head and neck massage while washing my hair. I haven’t had a good massage like that since I came back from South Korea. So amazing and relaxing!

Finally, I met Emily (Master Stylist) who is not only highly skilled but has a wonderful personality to match. I highly recommend everyone to book an appointment with her. She gave me the perfect blowout and put lots of voluminous curls in my hair. I have been looking for a good hair stylist in the Boston area after several mishaps and I believe I have finally found one in Emily. I already booked a followup appointment!

The Bubbles, Blowouts, and Babes event was so much fun. There were props to take cute Instagram pictures and plenty of chances to network with other bloggers. Most of all, it was just fun to see everyone in one place again. This group has grown exponentially since I first joined and I can see it growing even more. Around 25+ bloggers attended.

I love seeing all the fun projects this creative group of women are working on. The best part of this particular group is that there isn’t any cattiness or people tearing each other down. All the women support one another while trying to put something beautiful out into the world. Sharing the love is the best part of Valentine’s Day!

Again, I just want to take the opportunity to thank Viselli salon and their team for generously putting on this event. They aren’t just like every other salon, they make a conscious effort to make people feel pampered while also recycling and protecting the environment.

Viselli Salon is a part of an initiative called Green Circle where they recycle 90 percent of their waste. Even the hair clippings are reused as it was discovered they effectively absorb oil spills. Viselli salon is the only salon affiliated with Green Circle on Newbury Street and are more than worth supporting.

Wrap Up

Whether you are paired up or going solo this Valentine’s Day, surround yourself with the people you love and get out and treat yourself. I hope that you will have a fabulous day filled with lots of love and joy!

If you are interested in blogging then try out Bloggers Live Boston to surround yourself with inspiring women and make some lifelong friends!

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