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  1. Great post! Toronto is a great getaway for me being only a few hours away! I’ll have to make it to graffiti alley next time 🙂

    1. Janelle (Simply Nel Belle) says:

      Highly recommend! We even got to see a photoshoot happening while we were there.

  2. Looks like a great trip! I’ve been to Toronto before but will need to go back and do the escape room from Casa Loma. That sounds like a blast!

    1. Janelle (Simply Nel Belle) says:

      Yes, definitely check it out. The castle is huge and even has a restaurant and event hall inside.

  3. I’ve always had Toronto on my “must go to” travel list, but your post has made me want to move it up a few spaces! Pinning your post as a reference! Thanks.

  4. We move West 5 years ago, and the one thing I really miss is the food. Not being able to find smoke meat or curd cheese even at the deli counter is seriously disappointing. And no souvlaki or poutine I’ve had out this way seems authentic. Your poutine photo makes me homesick!

  5. I’ve always wanted to visit Toronto! I have friends who have been and they always have good things to say about it. I’ve been to Niagara Falls a million times but would love see it from the other side! And that food looks amazing as well.

  6. Your pictures look amazing!

    I haven’t visited Canada at all, but I would love to one day.

  7. I would absolutely love to visit Canada one day! It looks so beautiful, and I’ll go anywhere where the most well-known stereotype is that the people there are NICE! Plus, I NEED to see Niagara Falls at least once!

  8. When I went to Toronto I loved the Bata Shoe Museum! and of course Niagara Falls is a dream.

  9. Graffiti alley looks so cool!! I’ve never been to Toronto but I have been to the Canadian side of the Falls — it’s beautiful.

  10. Love love LOVE Toronto! Graffiti Alley was probably my favorite place. I spent a New Year’s there and had a ball. I didn’t get to go ice skating and it’s still on my bucket list.

  11. Ruthie Ridley says:

    LOVED this post!! Niagra is on my bucket list!!

  12. I believe, that even a week won’t be enough to explore Toronto. This city appeals many tourists every year. I am sure that this city will have a lot of surprises for everyone.

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