King Spa & Sauna

Have you ever experienced a traditional Korean spa?

While others were having cookouts for Memorial Day, Sangheon and I decided to make plans to take our very first trip to Dallas. Rather than waste money on a pricey hotel or airbnb we opted to stay overnight at the King Spa & Sauna for a fraction of the cost.When you hear the word ‘spa’ you may imagine booking an appointment, getting a treatment, and then leaving.However, a traditional Korean spa or jimjilbang is a far different experience. It is similar to a bathhouse except it has many additional activities for you to enjoy in a 24 hour period. Typically, they are decked out with hot tubs, coed swimming pools, coed saunas, sleeping areas, food court, lounge area, bar, theatre room, and other unique relaxation rooms. It’s the perfect place to stay after a long day of touring Dallas.

King Spa & Sauna
Credit: King Spa


The spa itself is located in old Koreatown at 2154 Royal Ln, Dallas, TX 75229. It seems to come out of no where in an area that’s filled with factories. Yet, you can’t miss it once you spot the large lion sculptures by the entrance.

Admission Fee & Important Discount Tip

The original price for the spa is steep at $45.00, however you do not need to pay that if you print out the awesome coupon from their website! Make sure you read the directions carefully, as it needs to state your full name, date of visit, and your individual email address. We only paid $24.00 each for our admissions. Also I can’t confirm this, but my friends tell me that if venture up to Dallas’s H-Mart location. You can pick up a coupon that allows you to get into the spa for only $15.00! Unfortunately, we didn’t have a car this time around so we stuck with the website coupon.

After entering the spa, your admission allows you to be there for 24 hours, but if that time frame is exceeded, then an extra two dollars per extra hour will be charged. Keep in mind that people can’t come and go as they please once they check in, so plan to arrive after any other planned activities. We arrived around 6 pm on Saturday.

Spa Tips & Procedure for Your First Trip to a Traditional Korean Spa

1. Pay at the front desk to receive your wristband/key.

  • Your wristband is you way to make purchases at the spa. Plus this is used to access your locker. Always keep it with you!

2. Go through the security check.

  • They do not allow outside food, drinks, glass, blankets, towels, pillows, or weapons.

3. Enter the main area.

  • Please remove your shoes at this point.
  • Remember you are in a Korean spa so you should be respectful of their culture and those around you.

4. Visit the concierge desk in the main area.

  • This is where you can pick up your spa uniform. This is for the coed areas. Leave your outside clothes in your locker.
  • There is a bar in the pool area and the lounge upstairs so if you plan to drink alcohol at the pool bar then you can present your drivers license to the concierge to get a special wristband.
  • If you desire you can also ask to rent a large bath towel for $1.00. We rented one and had no regrets.
    • Note: The orange towels provided for free are very small. Since there was a pool at the spa we decided to rent a big towels.

5. Go to the locker room.

  • This is where you and some members of your party may separate for a while as its separated by gender.
  • When you enter the locker room you should find the locker number that matches your wristband/key.
  • You also have access to a separate shoe locker as well.

6. Get undressed and use the shower in the bath area. Culture shock yet? It’s okay everyone will be naked so don’t be self-conscious! Seriously no one is there to judge you. They are all there to relax.

  • Again keep your wristband/key with you AT ALL TIMES (it’s waterproof don’t worry).
  • The rule of thumb is that you must shower before you can enter the spa pools that will be in the same room.
  • Soap, shampoo, and conditioner are all provided along the front wall in the shower room, but you are totally welcome to bring your own.
  • After showering you can spend some time in the hot or cold pools that are in the same room.

7. Once you finish in the the shower/bath area you will have a few options the choose from:

  • Option 1 – Pay for an extra treatment.
    • Most things are included in the admission fee, however there are options for additional services such as a body scrub, massage, and more. The spa details all services  in the locker rooms and lobby.  To pay simply use the wristband number.  Any additional purchases are settled during checkout.
  • Option 2 – Change into a swimsuit and visit the coed pool area.

Kings Spa & Sauna Pools

  • Option 3 – Change into the uniform and visit the coed lounge areas.
    • The coed lounge area has a food court, variety of saunas, specialized relaxation rooms, theatre room, and sleeping areas. Trust me you will die and go to heaven there.
    • Please do not wear shoes or flip flops in these areas, however socks are totally okay.

8. Choose a place to sleep:

  • Around midnight the food court area will shut down, but you can always access free water at the self-serve station.
  • Things start to slow down around 2 am and they will dim the lights a bit.
  • If you are adventurous you can sleep on one of the mats on the floor in any of the rooms or if you need some more cushion you can sleep on one of the many lounge chairs in the main area or in the theatre room (they are ridiculously comfortable).

9. Next morning.

  • You are welcome to repeat any of the activities from the day before.
  • They will turn all lights on around 8 am and the food court open.

10. Check out

  • Throw your uniform and towels in the hampers in the locker room.
  • Clear our your lockers.
  • Head to the check out door. Here they will review your wristband to see if you owe money for additional purchases such as food or a massage during your stay. If not, then you will be free to go.

A Night of Relaxation

I hope my rundown will help you feel much more at ease should you decide to visit, because some of these details weren’t immediately clear to us when we first walked in. I have been to numerous jimjilbangs, but I must say the King Spa & Sauna was one of my better experiences due to the shear size of the place plus all the sauna options. We felt so relaxed and hated to leave in the morning. Honestly, I could have seen myself staying there for a few days and never getting sick of it. I fully recommend that you give it a go even if it’s a little outside of your comfort zone. Be adventurous!

Question: What was your best spa experience?

Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear some recommendations of places to check out during my travels.

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